May 27, 2024

A few days ago the University of Saskatchewan announced that the Graduate Student Tuition Instalment plan which allowed Graduate students to pay their tuition little-by-little every month is coming to an end.

Many international students benefited from this in the past.

The good news is that the University of Saskatchewan is not the only school where this type of payment plan is available.

So if you are coming to Canada for Graduate Studies and looking for a school where you will be allowed to spread your tuition payment and pay little by little, check out the schools below.

Wilfrid Laurier University

Details available here

University of Victoria

Details available here

University of Calgary

Details available here

University of Manitoba

Details available here

University of Alberta

Details available here

McGill University

Details available here

Tyndale University

Details available here

University of Ottawa

Details available here

Queen’s University

Details available here

University of Northern British Columbia

Details available here

Please note also that availability, requirements, monthly fees, and eligibility may vary and depend on other factors. so, check with the finance office in the school to confirm what is available or what you are eligible for.

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8 thoughts on “Canadian Universities where you can pay tuition & fees little-by-little.

  1. Wow, I am impressed that there are schools with such opportunities, thanks to you for the information Sir. My fear is the VO don’t use this against one!


  2. Dear Olu,

    Thank you for taking out time to profile this information.

    I have a question concerning Proof of fund. If am already in Canada via study route for let’s say 2years Course and I want my family to join me. which Bank statement of account will suffice? my account in Nigeria or my Account in Canada?

  3. Dear olu,
    Please I have a question, my transcript in taking time to come out from my school they said I should hold on till March to get it,and I did HND (upper credit) ,so my question is which school will give me admission fast to study( PGD) in food technology in Canada university.

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