July 12, 2024

If you are a Nigerian living in Canada, and you are thinking of renewing your Nigerian Passport in Canada, this is for you.

The Nigerian High Commission in Ottawa has done an amazing job and made the process of renewing the Nigerian Passport seamless and straightforward. I was at the High Commission in February 2024 to renew my Nigerian passport, and completed the process of getting a 10-year Nigerian passport in just about one hour.

To ensure the smooth processing of your passport renewal, I will explain the documents and process involved below.

Starting the Passport Renewal Process:

This post will focus on passport renewal (especially for adult applicants). You can get more information on other services like change of name, applications for the first passport, etc on the Nigerian High Commission website here.

I am aware that you can apply to renew your Nigerian passport in Canada as early as one year before the expiration of your passport. This is good for those who need to renew their passports early enough to extend their visa status in Canada.

Please note: You need your National Identification Number (N.I.N) to renew your Nigerian passport, and the N.I.N must also already be validated.

Follow the steps below for the passport renewal:

  • Visit the website for passport renewal on the Nigeria Immigration Service website here
  • Create an account, fill out the application form, and make payment (I paid a total of $242 USD for the 10-year passport).
  • Follow the instructions on the application website after the payment, and schedule an appointment date.
  • After completing this, print the completed application form, the payment receipt, and the proof of your appointment schedule.

The High Commission has advised applicants to only come to the High Commission on their appointment dates. However, if you need to change the date, you can reach out to the High Commission using the email generalinquiries@nigeriahcottawa.ca .

They do a good job supporting those who may need to change their appointment dates.

The documents you need on your appointment date:

The following documents are expected from you on the appointment date, make sure you have all these documents ready, and you will be good to go:

  1. The printed application form.
  2. The printed payment receipt.
  3. The printed appointment letter (showing the same date you are at the High Commission or evidence that you have been advised to come at another date).
  4. A copy of your N.I.N document/number (please ensure you have an N.I.N that is already validated, and that your international passport information like all names on the passport and Date of Birth is the same on the N.I.N).
  5. Your old (expired or expiring) international passport (if you are traveling from another city/province and need an ID to travel back, please have another ID because you are expected to drop the old passport). If you are not able to drop the old passport, there are provisions for you to follow, but this may cause extra processing delays.
  6. A photocopy of your old passport data page.
  7. One recent passport photograph (with a clear background).
  8. A $50 CAD money order payable to Nigerian High Commission (you can get it from any Canada Post Office near you).
  9. A Canada Post Xpress Post Envelope (if your mailing address is in Ontario you will get the Regional Envelope, and if your mailing address is outside Ontario you will get the National Envelope).
  10. A pen to write your name and address on the Xpress Post Envelope

The process on your appointment date:

The Nigerian High Commission in Ottawa is located at 295 Metcalfe St, Ottawa. You can’t miss it.

Arrive early for your appointment, applicants are attended to on a first come, first served basis. I was there around 9:15am (I believe they open at 9:00am). Also be sure to go on a date/day that is not a public holiday in Nigeria or Canada.

You may have to join a queue at the entrance (if other people got there before you), and when it is your turn, you will be allowed into the main building.

  • Step one: A staff of the Commission will confirm your appointment date, check if you have all the above documents, and if everything looks well, you will be directed into the building.
  • Step Two: In the waiting room, you will give all your documents to another staff inside the waiting room, and be given a number tag for the day.
  • Step Three: If there are issues with your N.I.N or other details, a staff of the Commission will call your number/name to report at a desk and explain the situation to you and what you need to do.
  • Step Four: If there are no issues with any of your documents, a staff of the Commission will call your number/name for biometric and picture capturing.
  • Step Five: Once the capturing is done, you will be given a confirmation slip, and asked to go drop your Xpress Post Envelope (with your old international passport) in a box in the waiting room.
  • Step Six: You are done for the day and good to go.

Both the old and new passports will be mailed to your address, make sure you note the tracking number on your envelope before dropping it off. I took a picture of mine to prevent “Had I known.”

If all your documents are right and you have no issues with your N.I.N, it’s a very straightforward process. I was done with everything in just about one hour the day I was there.

The staff of the High Commission are very organized and efficient, and I want to use this opportunity to thank them for the amazing work they are doing!

If you have any questions, you can also connect with the Nigerian High Commission for information and updates on their Instagram page here.

NB: The posts and information on this website are not legal advice.

© Olu of Canada

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  1. Hi thank you for this, very much needed. But I am confused on the processing country and office to pick, on their website they instructed we pick USA and Atlanta as processing country and office, meanwhile we are in Ottawa. I don’t know if this information is correct. Please kindly tell me the correct processing countet and office to pick when completing the form

      1. Thanks Olu, I sent them mail to request for a closer date since Monday, til now no response. I don’t know what next to do.

  2. Hi,
    Thank you for this information.
    I have a question about validating NIN – can this be done online? If possible, how, please?

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