May 27, 2024

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Your CV/Resume is one of the important documents when making a Graduate School application in Canada.

It is also an important document when you are applying for jobs in Canada.

If you need a template or guide on how to prepare a Canadian Standard CV/Resume, check out the templates/samples of CV/Resume and Cover Letters provided by these Canadian Universities.

1) University of Toronto

Link available here

2) University of British Columbia

Link available here

3) University of Saskatchewan

Link available here

4) McGill University

Link available here

5) University of Calgary

Link available here

6) University of Victoria

Link available here

7) University of Alberta

Link available here

8) Simon Fraser University

Link available here

9) Western University

Link available here

10) Concordia University

Link available here

All the best in your application.

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15 thoughts on “Free CV Templates from Canadian Universities.

  1. Thank you so much for all you’ve been feeding us regarding Canadian studies.

    Sir, I’ll like you to advice if it’s okay to put in application for studies through regular route and also studies through NSE.

    I have put in my study application for September intake In June 6 2021 together with biometrics (10th June which hasn’t reflected on my page if it’s completed or not)and medical exam(upfront) which has been reviewed and I passed but waiting a response from IRCC.

    Will it be reasonable also if I apply through NSE as well or I should just wait the wait and hope for a positive response.

    If the response isn’t positive I should then apply through NSE right?

    Sir, I really hope you could help with a response. Thanks thanks thanks. Odogwu gbogbo canada 1.🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙇🏾‍♂️😁😁.


  2. Hello sir, I would like to know if money deposited in a fixed deposit account 3 months prior to the date of submission of documents will be found suspicious by the visa officer

    1. It may be seen as a lump sum. But you can explain the source of the funds and provide the necessary evidence to show it wasn’t borrowed or deposited for demonstration only.

  3. Hello Mr Olu.
    The CV samples on the aforementioned schools are more of Job Resume.
    Can someone applying for MSc use the same CV format?

  4. Hello Mr Olu

    I just checked the University of Calgary link but it’s no longer available. Can I use other format.
    I want to apply for Ph.D on environmental designs..

  5. Mr. Olu thanks for all your informations. Please, what are the chances of a graduate of humanities who decides to study 2-year diploma in Business Information Tech @ College in Canada, having worked more than 10 years in related sector in Nigeria. And between the Old portal & New portal for application, which is much advisable to use. God bless

    1. The new and old portal are pretty much the same. Only that the file size in old portal is 4mb and 2mb in new portal. Your chances are good if you have the necessary docs to show you have the required funds, good ties back home, and a well articulated purpose of study.

  6. Hello Mr Olu, thanks to you and Mrs Joy for all you do, your YouTube vids and transcripts are lifesavers. Pls I’d like to use my business accounts’ bank statements for PoF. The business is registered in my name. Is that okay pls?

  7. Hi Mr Olu. Thanks for all you do. Pls does CIC use black market exchange rate for pof or the one stated on their website? And also does payment to school such as tuition and accommodation attracts CIC rate or black market. As of today, CIC rate is about 309 to a Canadian dollar, hope I’m not in a fools paradise 😀 pls.

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