February 2, 2023

Hello My People,

You will see the links to Olu’s Japa Community (OJC) FREE Telegram Support Groups below.

DISCLAIMER: The Telegram Support Groups are for people to PUBLICLY share FREE Resources, learn, support, and interact with each other in a respectful manner. Any PRIVATE interaction outside of the above is at the discretion and responsibility of the individuals involved.

To join the Study Abroad Group for students, please use the invite link here

To join the Permanent Residence Application Group, please use the invite link here

I urge everyone to remain respectful of others and note that this is a platform to support each other FREE OF CHARGE as we continue our DO IT YOURSELF approach to immigration and study abroad applications.

Share this with anyone who will benefit from this, and Lets build a better future…. Together!

© Olu of Canada

27 thoughts on “Welcome to Olu’s FREE Telegram Group – OJC!

  1. I have been following your instagram page for months and as a matter of fact i attended an online class in regards to Canada study process. Reading some of the testimonies of successful students i am motivated to intensify more efforts in the process especially for my children future. I applied once and was denied admission but I’m not going to give up.

  2. Good afternoon Olu,please I would like to know any accredited institution that offers scholarships in Canada that runs a PGD program.Thanks

  3. Hi Olu, someone says he can issue me tourist visa to Canada, then once I get there I can convert it to a work visa. Please how is this possible

  4. Hello Olu, thanks for all you do. My Nephew just got admission to a school in Manitoba and his visa has been approved. School is to resume by 9th of January and he plans to move by 2nd of January. Is it okay for him to stop over in Toronto for a few days before heading to Manitoba?

    Thank you

  5. My visa was approved and resumption is in January but I intend to defer to September due to my spouse having a medical procedure. I have children who will stay back with him. Hence, the need to ensure he is OK. What do I need to do and would I have challenges when resuming in September 2023?

    1. Notify the school, get a new admission letter, and send to IRCC. And prepare to enter Canada around August. As long as your visa is still valid, you’re good to go.

  6. Thanks Olufemi for all you do.
    Please can you help confirm or clear my doubts.

    Does an open work permit holder in Canada have multiple entry in and out of the country? Just like a visiting Visa holder will have

  7. For students applying for undergraduate degree of 3 years +. Can you show proof of funds for a year ie, one semester paid, 1 year tuition, 1 year living expenses & miscellaneous as well as legal means of how subsequent funds for the second and third year will be paid? Especially for a school that doesn’t require any deposit

  8. Hello Olu.
    Pls,are there Schools in Canada that Offer Fully Funded Scholarships to International Students?

  9. Good morning Olu.
    I gained admission into the University of Monitoba and I was to resume January 9th but up till now IRCC has not given me an appointment for my biometric nor process my visa, do I need to notify the school or defer my admission? Though it is noted on the admission form that I can resume Jan, May or September. Advice

    1. Hi, do you mean medicals and not biometrics? Because biometric letters are sent out like 24 hours after you submit. If it is medicals, consider doing an upfront medical and send it to IRCC, so you don’t delay further. Since you have multiple resumption dates on your offer letter, you really don’t need to defer. You can just let the school know that you are now considering May or sep resumption.

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