September 29, 2022

In 2015, Canada started the Express Entry system to process permanent residence applications for SKILLED workers who want to settle in Canada permanently.

Since then, hundreds of thousands of skilled workers from different parts of the world have used the Express Entry system to relocate permanently to Canada and eventually become citizens.

This is how to become a Permanent Resident in Canada in 8 simple steps using the Express Entry system.

1) Check which of the subcategories of the Express Entry system you are eligible for here

2) Write a language test (in English IELTS/CELPIP or in French TEF/TCF) and aim for Canadian Language Benchmark 9 or more. Details available here

3) Evaluate your Foreign Degree(s) with any of the organizations listed here

If you have a professional degree that is one of the degrees listed below, ensure your degree assessment is done by a designated organization for the profession, so you can get a point equivalent to a Master’s Degree in the Express Entry system.

4) Once numbers 2 and 3 above are done, calculate your Comprehensive Ranking System Score here

5) Then set up your Express Entry profile here

6) Express Entry draws are usually done every 2 weeks, if you meet the cut-off for a draw you are eligible for, you will be invited to apply for permanent residence.

7) Then accept the invitation and submit ALL applicable documents. See the list of documents here

8) Wait for your application to be processed and for an immigrant visa to be issued. Thereafter, the next thing is to arrive in Canada and hear “Welcome to Canada!”

NB: There are 3 subcategories in the Express Entry system.

  • Federal Skilled Worker (FSW)
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)
  • Federal skilled Trades (FST)

If you click the links above you will see the difference in each of the sub-programs.


  • FSW: For skilled workers with FOREIGN work experience.
  • CEC: For skilled workers with CANADIAN work experience.
  • FST: For skilled workers qualified in selected skilled TRADES.

Check the one you are eligible for among the three (3) subcategories.

Most applicants OUTSIDE Canada will apply through the Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) subcategory…. So, pay attention to that, then plan accordingly, follow the due process, and be patient!

And if you’re looking for detailed information on this, check the comprehensive Express Entry post here

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  1. I came across it post and am interested in working in Canada and would need assistance from ur end in preparing the required document..

    Am currently base in Dubai working as a sales girl. Would be glad

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