June 16, 2024

There are 3 plans you should make when coming to Canada to study:

  • Study plan (to choose the right program)
  • Career plan (to know what to do professionally and as a job after your study and prepare ahead)
  • Personal exit plan (to know your permanent immigration options after your study and prioritize or position yourself for the programs/provinces that will increase your options of becoming a permanent resident in Canada).

The Express Entry General Draws are back, but the cut-off for the draws are still very high.

Many applicants will need a Canadian work experience, second language test in French, a job offer, a relative in Canada, or a provincial nomination to get enough points and be eligible. If you are wondering what the Express Entry program is, you can read more on that here.

Express Entry is a popular program that many foreign nationals have been using to apply directly for permanent residence in Canada. And while Express Entry is not the only permanent residence program in Canada, it is the most popular, and the one used by majority of the foreign nationals who want to become a permanent resident in Canada.

Due to the delay in the program, the next best option that many individuals are considering is coming to Canada as a student first. If you study in Canada, you may either be eligible to apply for the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) of the Express Entry now that the general draw is back, or you may seek a student nomination for permanent residence from a province.

Canada and many of the provinces are always looking out for those who have studied here, so there will always be something for you to stay permanently.

Becoming a permanent resident is, however, not automatic, so you have to play your cards right by knowing your options early enough and positioning yourself for the opportunities.

There are over 100 immigration programs in Canada with different requirements, and what each student will be eligible for will depend on their individual profile.

So, today, let me tell you about the Canadian provinces to go to as a student. These provinces have student nomination programs that will increase your chances of becoming a permanent resident through a provincial nomination.

1) Saskatchewan

There is a student category of provincial nomination in Saskatchewan. Once you graduate from a recognized school in the province and work for a minimum of 6 months, you are eligible for nomination for Permanent Residence.

There are some additional requirements to note, but you will find all the information you need here.

Saskatchewan is top on my list because it has a seamless nomination process for students who have studied in the province and meet the necessary requirements.

2) Ontario

In Ontario, there is an International student stream that requires you to get a job offer. This is for all levels of study, and it is helpful for students going for a College program in Ontario. You need a job offer for this stream, and can see more information on it here

There is also the Masters and Ph.D. Graduate stream if you have a Masters or Ph.D. degree from eligible schools in Ontario (you do NOT need a job offer for this). You can see more information on this here and here.

There are some additional requirements to note for each of these streams, but you will find all the information you need here.

3) British Columbia

If you have a graduate degree in the sciences from an eligible B.C school, you’re good to go for the B.C International postgraduate program.

You must have graduated in the last three years with a master’s or Ph.D. degree in the natural, applied, or health sciences. For this nomination program, you do NOT need a job offer. You will find more information on this International Post Graduate Stream here

The international Post Graduate Stream is also available for PhD Students who have completed their comprehensive exams and are now PhD Candidates. With this, they can apply for the nomination in British Columbia and become permanent residents even before completing the PhD program.

For other students outside of the above disciplines, there are also additional provincial nomination streams that require an employer or indeterminate job offer in British Columbia. Information on these other streams can be found here

4) Manitoba

Manitoba is dedicated to providing international students graduating in Manitoba and meeting the needs of industry faster pathways to nomination.

The International Education Stream (IES) in Manitoba has 3 pathways for students who complete their program in the province. So more options

  • Career Employment Pathway (all levels of study)
  • Graduate Internship Pathway (Masters and Doctoral students)
  • International Student Entrepreneur Pilot (you need a business plan)

More information on each of the programs is available here

5) New Brunswick

They have a lot of juicy nomination programs for students in New Brunswick, including the Atlantic Permanent Residence program. I explained this Atlantic Program here. It is available for students in all the four (4) Atlantic provinces.

They also have the New Brunswick Express Entry that students can apply for when their program is near completion or just completed. You can apply for the Student Connection Stream within 6 months of completing your study. You don’t need a job offer, and do not need a Canadian work experience, and you can read more about the program here.

On April 1, 2022, New Brunswick also started a nomination program for students who graduate from 4 private career colleges and studied 19 identified occupations. You can read more about this here

6) Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is also part of the Atlantic provinces and you can apply for the Atlantic PR program in Nova Scotia too.

If you also start a business or buy a Nova Scotia business and operate it for at least a year, you will be eligible for nomination through their International Graduate Entrepreneur program. More information is available here

There are also other nomination programs to apply for if you get a job offer in the province.

7) Newfoundland and Labrador

This is another Atlantic province, so the Atlantic PR program is available there too.

They also have the International Graduate Program for recent graduates who have a Post-Graduate Work Permit and a job; or job offer from a Newfoundland & Labrador employer.

You will find more information on this here

8) Prince Edward Island

This is the fourth province in the Atlantic region and also the smallest province in Canada. Students in this province can also apply for PR through the Atlantic PR Program.

In PEI, you can also apply for a nomination for permanent residency through the International Graduate stream of the Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program (PEI PNP), if you graduated from a publicly-funded PEI post-secondary institution. 

The International Graduate stream is employer-driven, allowing Island employers to fill positions that they are unable to fill through the local job market. More information on this is available here

9) Alberta

There is a Graduate Entrepreneur Stream in the province.

It allows Alberta to nominate qualified international graduates from Alberta post-secondary institutions who want to establish or operate a business in Alberta to apply for permanent residence.

Check it out here

There is also the Alberta Opportunity Stream that allows qualified candidates who live and work in Alberta and have a job offer from an Alberta employer to apply for provincial nomination. More information on this is available here.

10) Quebec

The Graduates Stream of the Quebec Experience Program (PEQ) is for foreign students who graduated from Quebec. It allows you to obtain a Quebec selection certificate in order to settle in Quebec permanently.

“Bonjour le ma si”… You need knowledge of oral French and must meet the other requirements stated here.

If you need additional information on how to prepare your study in Canada documents, find schools, or apply for scholarships in Canada, you can check the previous posts I have here.

All the best in your application!

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