July 15, 2024

There are ten (10) Canadian Scholarships you should not miss every year as an international student. These are scholarships that many international students have received in the past and are still available for eligible applicants.

1) Uni of Saskatchewan International Dean’s Scholarship

  • Value: Up to $24,000 per year for two years.
  • Deadline: November and February Yearly.
  • Fun Fact: I got this directly from Nigeria, you can get it too.
  • Application Link Available here

2) University of Saskatchewan Graduate and Departmental Scholarships

  • Value: This could be up to $32,000 for Masters and $60,000 (or more) for PhD
  • Deadline: February/March Yearly
  • You can search using the specific department or program you are applying for.
  • Application Link Available here

3) University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship

  • Value: Up to $28,000 for Masters and $72,000 for PhD
  • Deadline: Decided Yearly
  • Application Link Available here

4) University of Alberta Master’s Entrance Scholarship

  • Value: Up to $27,500 for Masters and $31,000 for PhD
  • Deadline: Decided Yearly
  • Application Link Available here

5) University of Toronto Ontario Graduate Scholarship

  • Value: Up to $15,000
  • Deadline: Jan – April Yearly
  • Application Link Available here

6) McGill University Weston Fellowship

  • Value: Up to $19,000
  • Deadline: Decided Yearly
  • Application Link Available here

7) McMaster University Graduate Scholarships

  • Value: Full-time Tuition + $13,500
  • Deadline: Decided Yearly
  • Application Link Available here

8) University of Waterloo International Student Funding

  • Application Link Available here

9) University of Toronto – Other School of Graduate Studies Award

  • Application Link Available here

10) Queen’s University School of Graduate Studies Funding

  • Value: Minimum $18,000 per year for up to 4 years
  • Additional $5,000 for incoming international PhD students.
  • Deadline: Decided Yearly
  • Application Link Available here

Some of these scholarships (like Number 1 and 2) do not even require separate applications. You are automatically considered/nominated after applying for admission.

Be on the lookout for when the applications are open, prepare and submit a strong admission document and you are good to go. The ball is now in your court.

All the best!

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18 thoughts on “Ten Canadian Scholarships you should not miss!

  1. Please I’m looking for a fully funded scholarship for Nigerian students in United Kingdom, I’m precisely in Nigeria now and I would like to apply for this year’s own. Thank you so much for helping a lot of people.

  2. please am looking for scholarship for diploma in Canada.
    how possible is it can i get any?

  3. Thanks Olu for this! Please, I’m looking for Undergraduate Scholarships that accept applications without English Proficiency Exams( like IELTS). Can you help me with that?

  4. Goodevening Mr Olu, Please is there any undergraduate scholarship for Medicine in Canada, Please I want to really know if there are Undergraduate Scholarships for Medicine in Canada, please Sir give a reply to this comment, please

    1. There are only 17 medical schools in Canada, and International students are rarely admitted into the programs. So there are also no scholarships to study medicine for international students.

  5. Hi. Thank you so much for this post.
    I checked out the International Dean’s scholarship for University of Saskatchewan.
    One of the requirements is proof of research activity in journal publications or conference presentations. I didn’t really get it.
    Do final year projects count? And how do I do if my research project wasn’t published?

    1. Undergrad thesis doesn’t count except it is published. You can connect with your undergrad supervisor to see what can be done on publishing the research work. The supervisor will typically be the first author.

    1. You can click on the link on each scholarship, it takes you to their school website with more info on how to apply. For some you only need to apply for admission to be considered for scholarship (meaning no separate scholarship application).

  6. Pls can someone submit application to different universities, Hope it won’t jeopardize someone’s chance
    Thank you Sir

  7. Good morning Mr Olu, please is there any undergraduate Scholarship programe in Canada?
    Please reply this comment….thank you.

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