April 11, 2024

Welcome to Olu’s Japa Community (OJC)!

If you’ve missed any of the FREE written articles, posts, or resources we’ve shared, this is the one-stop place to find a link to everything. It is divided into Study Abroad Resources and Permanent Residence Application Resources. So scroll through and read below.

This is where Olufemiloye (known as Olú of Canada on Twitter and Instagram) and his team share free curated content, information, and resources to help prospective applicants with their study abroad, permanent residence applications, international career opportunities, and other personal development plans.

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Study Abroad Resources:

1). Book a one-on-one personal development chat (if you need one).

Link available here

2). Join the FREE OJC Telegram Support Group

Link available here

3). How to apply to study in Canada (or the USA) without IELTS

Information available here

4) How to change from a visitor visa to a study or work permit in Canada.

Information available here

5). How to find scholarships in Canada (or USA)

Information available here

6) How to study in Canada with 2:2 Grades, OND, and HND

Information available here

7). The 15 Canadian Universities (U15) to focus on for scholarships

Information available here

8). How to come to study in Canada with your family

Information available here

9). The 6 ways to move to Canada as a self-employed person.

Information available here

10) The 5 Key Things to Know When Coming to Canada to Study.

Information available here

11) How to use a one-year study program to stay back in Canada

Information available here

12). The 15 ways to move to Canada after going to USA, UK, and other countries to study or work.

Information available here

13). The 250+ USA Universities to focus on for scholarships

Information available here

14). The Ten (10) Canadian Scholarships you should not miss every year

Information available here

15). How to successfully apply for a Canadian Study Visa by yourself

Information available here

16). Canadian Universities where you can pay your tuition & fees little-by-little every month

Information available here

17). Free CV and Cover Letter Templates from Ten (10) Canadian Universities

Information available here

18). Where to find affordable schools in Canada

Information available here

19). The Top 10 Most Valuable Degrees in Canada

Information available here

20). The 15 Things to do as a new student in Canada

Information available here

21). Provinces where students can easily get a nomination for permanent residence in Canada

Information available here

22). The Top 15 websites to look for jobs in Canada

Information available here

23). How to Study in Quebec Canada with lower fees

Information available here

24). How to resize and merge your Canadian Visa documents

Information available here

25). What to do after a Canadian Study Visa Refusal

Information available here

26). List of licensed immigration agents and how to know if your agent is licensed by the Government of Canada

Information available here

27). Free IELTS Study Materials

Information available here

28). How to get a job and a work visa in Canada

Information available here

Permanent Residence Application Resources

1). Free IELTS Study Materials

Information available here

2). How to become a Permanent Resident in Canada (Express Entry 8 Simple Steps).

Information available here

3). How to apply for Permanent Residence in Canada Through Express Entry

Information available here

4). How to get a Provincial Nomination for Permanent Residence in Canada

Information available here

5). Breakdown of the cost and amount you need to become a permanent resident in Canada

Information available here

6). How to apply for Permanent Residence in Canada Through Atlantic Immigration Program

Information available here

7). How to become a permanent resident in Canada as a care worker

Information available here

8). The 15 things to do as a new permanent resident in Canada

Information available here

9). The Saskatchewan Hard to fill skills nomination program

Information available here

10). The Top 15 websites to look for jobs in Canada

Information available here

11). How to resize and merge your Canadian PR Application Documents

Information available here

12). Free CV and Cover Templates to look for jobs in Canada

Information available here

13). List of licensed immigration agents and how to know if your agent is licensed by the Government of Canada

Information available here

14). The 15 ways to move to Canada after going to USA, UK, and other countries to study or work.

Information available here

15). The 6 ways to move to Canada as a self-employed person.

Information available here

We will continue to update this compilation as more resources become available on this website.

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131 thoughts on “Welcome to Olu’s Japa Community (OJC)!

  1. Hello, please I have a degree in BA psychology. But I want to read nursing in Canada, what do I need to do ? And is it a good choice?

    1. You can check the post on how to look for admission and apply to study in Canada, and it will show you how to look for admission, check schools offering nursing in Canada, see their requirements, check your eligibility and apply. All the best in the application process.

  2. Good evening Mr. Olu, I’ve gotten a student visa to Canada specifically Vancouver but I never see any post on accommodation. Can I know the reason why you don’t do that?

    1. Hello, the things to do on accommodation are in the post of 15 things to do in Canada as a new student. If you check the post, you will find it there. All the best in your study in Canada.

  3. I’m a 300l Medical lab science student here in Nigeria is there a way i can transfer or continue my education in canada

  4. Sir, I trust you’re doing well.
    Please I have a question, someone I know got an offer to study at a Canadian college for a graduate certificate course for 3 semesters…

    She has researched and found out that the school is a dli and can give post study work permit Which would normally be for the length of study. That’s maybe 3 years, if I am correct

    She wants to find out what the PR route will be, since it will not be up to 5yrs

    1. She can use any of the available PR route. Express Entry, provincial nomination, AIPP, RNIP. Whichever she is eligible for.

      Also a 3 semester course (about 12 months) will likely also get a one year work permit, not 3 years. So she should double check that.

  5. Hi, Mr Olu. Please I would like to know what schools accepts HND for post graduate studies. I have HND in an engineering course and would like to know if it is possible to use it in Canada.

  6. Hi, Mr olu I hope you are doing fine ??? Thank you for everything you are doing here for us .. please I have a question ! I did my BSC in Cotonou and my post graduate diploma here in Lagos but I réalise WES can’t evaluate my Bsc result because I school in Cotonou … if I evaluate only my PGD will it be cool ?? As I was told someone can evaluate his/ her highest certificate… I need your advice sir ….. Thank you so much

    1. Hello, evaluating the highest degree is only applicable if you have a Masters/Phd. In your case you need to evaluate both to have a good point. Try other evaluation organizations, they may recognize the Bsc.

  7. Hello Mr Olu, I and my spouse applied through the TR-PR stream last year May. We’ve done all neccessary documentation requested by the IRCC. I did biometrics this year February. But haven’t heard back from IRCC since then. Do you have any advice on what to do. By the way, I am in Nigeria and my spouse is in Canada currently on a work permit. We applied together.

    1. There are so many outstanding TR-PR stream applications right now. We are all hoping they get finalized soon. You can request your GCMS notes to know the status of the application, or ask your spouse to reach out to the MP in her riding for support.

      1. Mr Olu and the whole community, please I need guidance and help.
        I got student permit in September of this year after more than ten months of painstaking wait but by the time it arrived, my school admission always expired, now school said I can only get new admission for September 2023… Please what will happen to my student permit, can I still travel to Canada next month???

        1. Hi, you need to get a new admission in the same school. Your school would have informed CBSA that your admission has expired, so you may be denied entry to Canada or not issued a study permit. If Sep 2023 is your new admission date, then you will also have to wait until close to that date to enter Canada. For instance, you advisably should wait until like Aug 2023 to enter Canada if Sep 2023 is your resumption.

  8. Hi, Mr Olu. I studied Bsc in Agricultural education ( a double major course) and I’ll like to pursue my masters degree in Canada. But I’ve been contemplating on which area( Education or Agriculture) to focus on based on Job opportunities in Canada and other factors. Would you advice that I go for Masters in education or Masters in Agriculture?.

    1. Think about your study plan, your career plan, and your immigration exit plan, and choose the area that aligns with these 3 the most. Both education and agriculture are good areas in Canada.

  9. Hello sir, please am rounding off my NYSC in October please what are the documents I need to apply for visiting visa application since I have a sister in Canada already. Then when I get there I apply for masters

    1. Google Visitor visa Canada. You should see the government of Canada website with info. And keep in mind that as a visitor you can’t apply for a study permit to an office within Canada, you can submit online, but it must still be to an office outside Canada. And visitors typically have a maximum of 6 months (or less) to stay in Canada when visiting (except they have a genuine reason to extend the visit). So, you may have limited time to look for admission, get an offer, and process a study permit from an office outside Canada. In summary, think about it and plan very very well.

      1. Appreciate your help sir 🙏. My transcript is not ready yet that is why I haven’t applied from Nigeria, universities are on nationwide strike. Hopefully when am in Canada I will get it done before the 6 months elapse.

  10. Sir, please I also want to know how much will be the amount available in the sponsors account? Thank you

    1. If this is for study, as much as possible to show they can pay for your first year tuition (whatever it is), and living expenses (at least $10,000), and other expenses (like $3,000). And still have enough to take care of their other commitments.

      1. Thank you very much for your response. The amount is not for study but to visit Canada since I have a sister there already.

  11. Hello Mr Olu,

    Thank you so much for your insightful information

    I have a question please

    My degree is divided into three stages HNC (this was awarded after completing the first year of study for my HND), HND and B.Eng. MY question is: which of the certificate should I upload for evaluation? Can I evaluate all?. Kindly advise

    Also, is it totally compulsory for my school to send my official transcripts and certificate?…what if they don’t agree to that?

    1. Evaluate the HND and Bsc to get points for two or more degrees/diploma. And yes, the official transcript must be sent by the school, and copies of certificates can be uploaded by you if you are using WES.

  12. Hi good day, I heard about processing PR as a personal support worker. Please do you know any agency that can help with that or any insights on processing PR as a PSW. Thank you

    1. There is no program for processing PR as a PSW in Canada. Beware of anyone promising you that and no agency helps with that. The closest to that are the Home Child Care Provider Pilot and Home Support Worker Pilot. You have to be hired as an in-home caregiver by a family, and must have 24months of work experience in Canada to apply for PR through it. So, the job offer is the first thing to look for. You can read more at https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/corporate/publications-manuals/operational-bulletins-manuals/permanent-residence/economic-classes/pathways-for-caregivers/child-care-provider-support-pilots.html

  13. Good evening mr olu, I just saw your page pls I want to confirm something, I applied for visit visa from Nigeria, my dad and sister are permanent residence of Canada, my dad sent me Invitation, I didn’t plan to stay in Canada because I’m married here in Nigeria and working the application all I wrote there was nothing but the truth, and I have been to Dubai like 3 times for vacation, except that I didn’t mention my USA refusal of 5 years ago cuz it skipped my mind, pls what can I do to correct that

  14. Hello Sir,
    I calculated my CRS score and I had 438 (though I have not applied plus I have a family), pls how do you think I can improve my CRS score cos I think that’s the most important?

  15. Great work you’re doing out here. I’m a doctor in Ghana. By what means can I teach via private messaging please?

    1. You can book a study session. Admission Consultation details are on this website too. But if it is immigration/visa related, you can reach out to any of the authorized representatives listed on the page too.

  16. Hi Olu,
    I’ll like to know all things concerning migrating to canada via the temporary foreign worker visa. I’m looking towards applying for either a cleaning job or farm work, like fruit picker etc. I heard one can transition to PR through this TFW visa route. Please help a sister. Thank you

    1. Info on how to apply for jobs and the work visa process is on the compiled resources here too. And yes, you can apply for PR after one year of canadian work experience. All the best.

  17. Please bro don’t feel embarrassed by my question, I left secondary school 7 years ago and I wasn’t opportune to attend the university. Now I don’t know if I can still be able to get a student visa or is it possible to get a work permit ?

        1. Dear Mr Olu,
          I would like to study in Canada for my master’s degree as I have a Bsc ni microbiology but with asuu strike retrieving transcript has been an issue. Is their a different way to go about the whole process?

    1. Good evening Mr Olu, I graduated with third class in Business Administration course. please I would like to know which schools accept third class for post graduate studies in Canada. Thanks sir

  18. Good afternoon Mr. Olu. Thanks for the good job you’re doing her. Please, I have Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) and have been searching online for full scholarship for my masters program in any school oversea but have not made any head-way. Are there schools that offer full scholarship including school fees, visa and accommodation? If yes please kindly help me with the list of schools and how to go about the application including the link. Thanks and God bless you.

    1. Hi Mr Olu..How are you doing today? Please i have an issue bothering me..I have gotten admission to study in University of Regina Saskatchewan and i would like to go with my husband because he is orphaned. I’m the only family he has and i can’t bear to stay without him for a whole 2years. But agents will always tell me that if i am going with my husband husband,it’s a 50/50 chance for me to get study visa. Please what is the best way to handle this?

      1. Check the post on how to apply for study permit. And watch the video there with Mrs O. We answered and explained the things to put in place to apply as a family.

  19. Good morning Mr Olu, please where can i do my medical assessments in Nigeria before applying for Visiting Visa to Canada

  20. Hello me Olu I got admission to study busked mangement and have Bn waiting on trade system for the past two months I checked flywire if I can make payment with naira it says naira is not available only foreign currency is pls is there another way I can make my payment I really don’t want to loose the admission.thank you

  21. Hi mr Olu pls is there another way I can make my tuition payment without using form A because Av Bn waiting for their confirmation for the past two mnts and not heard from them.I don’t want to loose the admission pls and I’m looking at January for resumption.Thak you sir waiting for your reply

  22. Hello olu, thank you, this is so insightful . I was hoping on seeing the exact schools one can apply to with 3rd class or lower grades, and what’s the best credentials to apply for with low grade, is it possible to apply for masters in Canada with low grade or post graduate Cert/diploma.

  23. Good morning mr olu, I’m a 3L study of theater arts , and I’ve be looking to scholarship online .. to study arts . I really need help .
    Thank you 🙏 sir

  24. Hello! Mr Olu.
    My Spouse is on the verge of applying for a study visa for a Master program is Canada. The thing, is there an immigration route that can grant both of us to immigrate together at once. I don’t want a situation whereby either of us being stuck here.. and the desire is to immigrate at once.. please shed some light into this and a feasible route to immigrate. Thanks.

  25. Hello Mr Olu, please I would like to start the express entry processing but I don’t know how to go about it. There are several questions I would like to ask concerning it. Am a master degree holder with 3years work experience. Thank you as I await you response.

  26. Hello Mr Olu,
    Which is the best route to migrate to Canada with family? And ìs IELTS compulsory for schools in Canada?. Thank you

  27. Hello Mr. Olu,
    I am about to apply for a study permit to Canada for my graduate studies which is for 2years (2023-2025). My passport would be expiring December 2023. Would you advice I renew my passport before applying for the study permit? Would this affect the time duration of the study permit given?
    Thank you very much sir

    1. Canada doesn’t issue visa beyond the passport expiration, so you will get a visa till Dec 2023. You can extend the passport before applying or get a new passport when you get to Canada and extend the study permit.

  28. Hello Mr Olu,
    Please, I want to know if it’s possible to come along with dependants (Wife & Children) to Canada on Study Visa while the Dependant (Wife) works like it is done in the UK.
    Supposing I am looking at a PGD College admission.

    1. Yes, it is possible! Read the study permit application guide for how this is done. It’s pretty much the same as that of U.K. The spouse will get a work visa to work full time and the children will go to public schools for free!

  29. Hello please I’m a student I wanna come for my masters in Canada nd base there I want to be working there I want to make inquiries on how to do it and if I can get a permanent residence permit within that 2years of study nd how much will it cost

  30. Hello.
    I have a few questions on ECA:
    1. I already have a copy of my undergraduate transcript. Do I need to request another from the school?
    2. Do I need to send both my degree certificates and the transcripts for evaluation?
    3. If I have a master’ degree, do I need to evaluate my Bachelors?

    1. 1) Yes, Your school must send your transcript directly. 2) You will send your certificates yourself, or upload it on the ECA portal if you use WES. 3) You only get ppoints for the highest degree if you have a Masters already. So you can evaluate Masters alone

  31. Hello Boss, I’m a Ghanaian who has gotten admission to a University in Canada this Fall 2022. I have applied for my study but yet to hear from IRCC. My problem is the deadline for the payment of my tuition fees and others is 15 September, should I defer the program if by 14th I haven’t heard from IRCC concerning my application?

  32. Hi Mr. Olu. Thanks for all the useful info. I have a question please.

    I’ve gotten my CoPR but my son was not added to my application even after several notifications to them before the CoPR was given. I’ve also notified them again but haven’t heard from them since and the CoPR will expire soon.

    What do you advise, please?

    1. Congratulations to you. Please try to reach them by email if you’ve been using webform alone, so they can add your son. If you land without adding him, the other option would be to sponsor him in as a dependent child.

  33. Good day mr Olu, kudos to your elbow!

    I don’t know if possible to relocate to Canada with family through student route from Nigeria, i haven’t not really seen anyone that talks about it through DIY….. My husband has gotten admission already with CIMT College but we are planning to be his dependants if possible ( family of 3)..

    Kindly help out on way and how to go about it. Thank you !

    1. It is possible. And I also mentioned what to do on the post on study visa application here. The info is already there and many people have done so successfully in our community too.

  34. Top of the day to you sir,
    Please i need your advice on how to get a study permit considering my case that seem peculiar.
    I attained Higher National Diploma certificate in Industrial Safety (Petroleum Training Institute, Warri) and i have a credit score in NEBOSH, but i haven’t had the opportunity to work as a safety officer.
    But i have 3yrs plus IT hands on experience.
    I got an admission to sudy HRMN the first and second time i applied for admission, but got visa rejection twice, due to disparity in chooce of study and job experience.
    I also got a gcms note, stating the reasons for refusal.
    Kindly advice as regards the course to apply for to get a study visa appoval.
    I would like to reach you directly via private consultation sir.

    Thank you for your reply.

    1. If I get you right, your education is in Industrial safety, your work experience is in Information Tech, and the program you applied for is in Human resources. All 3 areas are not closely related and the progression may be the concern for the V.O

  35. Hi Mr Olu. Thank you so much for all your useful information. Pls I have a question. I have both ND and HND with ACCA F1 – F3, pls can I apply for permanent residence? Or I need Bsc with it ? And does distinction, upper or lower matters when applying with ND or HND?

  36. Good day Mr Olu,
    I hope this meets you well!
    Thank you for all you do for the japa family.
    I would like to evaluate my transcript. I have a bachelor’s degree, masters degree as well and also a professional certification from the chartered Institute of Personnel Management(CIPM). I would like to know if its possible to evaluate my Msc alongside my professional qualification via WES. What is also best for me to do.

  37. Hi Mr Olu
    Im very impressed with what you doing
    God bless you
    Please my question is ,i am from Ghana and i want to work in Canada but i dont have any link whatsoever
    how do i go about it
    I do have a degree and a lot of experience but i need a better opportunity

  38. Hello Mr Olu, thank you for this opportunity. Please I wanted to know if we are to have an admission before we contact professors for funding or we do contact them first before going ahead and also what are the ways we can get over application fee waiver?

    1. Most times, in Canada, you need to contact a supervisor before applying for a research-based program. So programs will also assign you a supervisor after applying. So, best to check the specific admission requirements in your school of interest. And Canadian universities rarely waive application fees. USA schools are more popular for this.

  39. Hello Mr Olu.. Thanks for all you do. God bless you. Please can pregnancy be a yardstick for visa refusal maybe when asked to do medicals?

  40. Hello olu, please how can i go about express entry to canada, is it necessary i have IELTS for express entry?
    Whats the fastest route to migrate to canada with family?
    I will really appreciate if i can get a response from you via mail. Thanks

    Best regards

      1. Good day Olu of Canada,
        I would like to know if I apply for a study visa I would not be refused. Earlier in the year, a couple of my colleague and I paid an agent to help process work permit to Canada but up till now we haven’t heard from them as they said we might be called for biometric any time soon. I have goon through so many of your write ups ad videos and concluded that study route is the best option for us now. We told them we are no longer interested but they said our details have been submitted

        1. Go ahead with your study visa application and do it yourself or hire a licensed consultant. There is a post on recommended licensed consultants on this page and how to know if anyone you are paying is licensed. I seriously doubt the agent you paid for the work permit made any work permit applications for you and your friends. The first thing you need to get a work visa is a job offer (you have to look for one yourself), then LMIA from the employer m(paid for by the employer themselves), then work permit application. And you will be asked to go for the biometrics for your work permit within 48 hours of submitting the application. So doing a biometrics wouldn’t take this long as your agent is claiming.

          1. Thanks Professor for your feedback. God bless you. However, I already asked the agent to stop whatever process he has been handling regarding the work permit yesterday but he said all docs have been submitted and we might be called soon. One of us just got notification for his medical, I insisted I wouldn’t follow the work permit route but study path and make explanations in my SOP that I attempted work permit but I didn’t follow through. Would that still be okay?

  41. Hello Olu thanks for the good work you are doing. Please I finished secondary school in 2008 but due to circumstances I couldn’t further my education, I want to know if is possible for me to gain admission as an undergraduate in Canada, I’m 33years old. Thank you.

  42. Hello Mr Olu of Canada, I appreciate all that you have been doing. Please, I need clarification on something. I have two master’s degrees already, One from Nigeria and the other from Estonia. I would like to pursue another master’s degree in Canada. Do you think I can be kicked out for having two master’s degrees already? In addition, I saw it on the school website that not stating all post seconday institutions would be considered fraud. Could you kindly enlighten me on how to go about it?

  43. Hello Mr Olu of Canada, please which university will you recommend for me to apply to secure admission and scholarship for January intake MBA course and the for single mum. Thank you so much for all you have been doing

  44. Hi. I have a master’s already and I want to come to Canada for PhD (in any business or marketing-related course. What do yo think is the easiest way to get scholarship and also schools? Thank You

  45. Hi Olu,
    Firstly, thank you so much for all you do and continue to do for a global community seeking a better quality of life for themselves and their families, me included.
    My husband is a certified welder fabricator and has been working as a welding instructor for over 5 years. We are working on entering the pool and wish to apply for a pnp. We are not sure which province to apply to because even though we’ve constantly heard welding is an in demand job in Canada, in my reading and research, I have not seen it listed as one anywhere. Do you know which province would be great to apply to?

  46. Olu of Canada Good morning. Thanks for your support at all times. Can I withdraw the work permt application and explain reason for my withdrawal in my study visa application?

  47. Hello, Mr Olu of Canada. Thank you for all the good work you’ve been doing. Please I need clarification on an issue. My husband is a lawyer here in Nigeria and he wants to continue in the same field in Canada. However, I am aware that he has to join the Canadian bar association in order to practice in Canada. Please can you put me through on the process. 1) Does he have to go back to school in Canada before he writes the bar exam ?
    2) What would be our best method of application for faster results?
    3) What province would you recommend?

  48. Good day Mr. Olu, I just recently concluded my program at the Nigerian Law School, I was wondering if there’s a process through which I’ll be able to practise as a lawyer in Canada, there’s a similar provision in Nigeria where foreign students do the bar part 1 first before doing bar part 2 (which is for Nigerian graduates) before they are called to bar.
    I was wondering since they are both commonwealth countries, if similar provisions are available.

  49. Hey Olu. Thanks for your content.
    I am looking forward to applying at Memorial University of Newfoundland, as the school is kinda real cheap compared to other schools in Canada. By the way I want to go for a graduate program. I could hsv considered other schools, but most of the other cheap schools like Saskatchewan or Manitoba don’t offer a degree related to Human resources mangement or employment relations. It’s cheap in Memorial University of Newfoundland, however the program is one year. You know, the aim of everyone going to CA is to Japa and get PR there. So, do you think I have chances of PGWP and ultimately PR if I still go on with this program.?

  50. Dear Prof Olu of Canada. My passport expires in Feb 2024, while the program ends April 2024. Do I go ahead and apply with this passport or get a new one? Getting a new passport in naija now takes forever. Kindly advise. Regards.

  51. Hello Mr. Olu, please I want to make inquiries about the 11 education scholarships in Canada that anyone should not miss.


  52. Hi Olu, thank you for this pool of knowledge you’re offering for free. Just a quick one please.

    I would love for my wife to study in Canada, she has HND and I saw your post on that possibility, would she need to do IELTS for any form of study in Canada?


  53. Dear Sir,
    Please if I am hired by Company A, but contracted to work for Company B, how do I state this in my resume, and who would issue me a work reference letter between the two companies?

    Again, is it compulsory to include my LinkedIn profile link in my resume for Canadian jobs and immigration plans?

  54. Hi Olu of Canada,

    God bless you for the free information you are giving us here.

    I have been accepted into a College with a conditional scholarship being that I must be enrolled by November next month but I am yet to get my visa and my fear is that with the longer processing times I might not get the visa in time for the November intake and I don’t have the funds for the tuition fees.

    I would like to know if a subsequent visa application would be negatively affected by a previously approved study visa which was not utilised.

    Secondly, If I change my course of study for another visa application, would this reduce my chances?

    Thirdly, how can I access your telegram page?

    Thank you.

  55. Hi Olu of Canada, thanks for all you do, God will reward you.
    I plan to apply for study and EE my question is, can my IELTS (general) be used for both routes? Or I need to write IELTS (academic) for study route.

  56. Hi Olu of Canada, having gone through the documents required fo PR application through express entry, I work with a government parastatal, what do you advice/which document will I submit to show my work experience?

  57. Thanks so much mr olu of canada God bless you real and your entire families I’m so impressed of your topic and guidelines…am interested in all this ooo…..

  58. Hello Mr Olu, please i’m a footballer and a graduate on computer science, how can i apply to canada plus i have a sibling there already?

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